Summer Reading 2011

We here at Garfield Book Company have put out our own Summer Reading Catalog with all the latest suggestions for your summer reading. From cookbooks to biographies to action and everything in between, we've got something for everyone. Want to buy directly from GBC? Click here to visit our website and purchase any of the books below. Happy Reading!

Fantastic Fiction

Daniel H. Wilson

Robots have evolved. They can communicate with anything electronic: satellites, communication towers, your smart car, your cell phone. They're all around us. They're smarter than us. They're rising up against us.

Random House

China Mieville

The literary genius branches out into science-fiction while developing his speculative style. Thoroughly engrossing and penned by one of the best active writers, Mieville is at the top of his game here. Outstanding characters, pacing and story from the author of Perdido Street Station and The Scar.

Random House, $26.00

Water for Elephants
Sara Gruen

Jacob Jankowski is a veterinarian who happens to find himself as a crew member of Benzini Brothers, a second-rate, travelling circus: a failur when compared to the Ringling Brothers. Equal parts adventure, love story, and a personal memoir, this book provides an emotionally charged and entertaining read.

Algonquin Books, $14.95

Smokin' Seventeen
Janet Evanovich

The latest by one of the most popular writers around. Follow bounty hunter Stephanie Plum in this perfect summer read and find out why this is one of the most anticipated titles of the summer.

Random House, $28.00
Available June 21

Paper Covers Rock
Jenny Hubbard

The school year has barely begun when sixteen year old Alex's friend drowns in a river near their boarding school. Alex quickly becomes torn between loyalty to his friend Glenn and his mentor, Miss Dovecott, who may know more about the drowning than she lets on.

Random House, $16.99

Read It, Then See It

The Help
Kathryn Stockett

A young white woman in 1960s Mississippi decides to help tell the stories of the black maids who have been working in every family's home for years.

Film Releases: August 8, 2011

Berkley, $16.00

Dexter is Delicious
Jeff Lindsay

Dexter's taking on a new role: father to a baby girl, Lily Anne. Can Dexter really shed his past and be rid of the Dark Passenger forever?

New season of Dexter starts September 26.

Vintage, $14.95
Available July 12

Dead Reckoning
Charlaine Harris

Sookie's dividing her time between the mystery of the firebombing an da dangerous plot by Eric and Pam to kill their vampire master.

New season of True Blood starts June 22.

Penguin, $27.95

Laugh Out Loud

Crazy Sh*t Old People Say
Geoff Tibballs

Sh*t My Dad Says was a staff and customer favorite. This one is even better! Pick this up only if you like a laugh. Even reading a page is sure to make you laugh out loud.

Running Press Books, $13.00

Tina Fey

Check out Tina Fey's bestselling memoir, detailing everything from her childhood through her early days as a standup comic and those first sketches at Saturday Night Live.

Reagan Arthur Books, $26.99

3x Carlin: An Orgy of George
George Carlin

Three of George Carlin's bestsellers all wrapped in one: When Will Jesus Bring the Porkchops?, Napalm and Silly Putty, and Brain Droppings. This also includes never-before-published material from the late comedian.

Hyperion, $21.99

                                                                                         That's What She Said
                                                                           Justin Wishne and Bryan Nicolas
From, fans of "The Office" and "How I Met Your Mother" are sure to enjoy. The most versatile joke on the planet? You decide.

Plume, $13.00

New in Paperback
Emma Donoghue 
 Five-year old Jack would like to tell you a story about himself and Ma. Jack knows Room, where they live, is the only place that's real--that's why they never leave Room. Then Ma reveals the truth, and Jack finds himself in a world he never knew existed: ours.
Hachette Book Group, $14.99

The Passage
Justin Cronin

When a terrifying virus devastates the population, only a small group manages to survive. Among them is Amy, a girl much older than she appears, who may be the key to saving all of humanity.
Random House, $16.00

The Mullah's Storm
Thomas W. Young

When their plane is shot down over the Afghan mountains during a blizzard, Major Michael Parson and female Master Sergeant Gold, an interpreter, must brave the dangers of the storm and insurgents to transport a high-profile Taliban prisoner. Believable, non-stop action.
Berkley, $9.99

Beneath the Sands of Egypt
Donald P. Ryan, Ph.D.

PLU's own Donald Ryan, Ph.D., takes readers with him on his journey to becoming an archaeologist, including his collaboration with Thor Heyerdahl and rediscovering of the tomb KV 60, the final resting place of the female pharaoh Hatshepsut.
Paperback available July 1.
Harper Paperbacks, $15.99


Until Tuesday
Luis Carlos Montalvan

Luis Montalvan returned from the Iraq War as a decorated veteran, struggling to cope with his injuries and adjust to civilian life. Tuesday, born and raised to be a service dog, was bounced from caretaker to caretaker, never quite bonding. This is the inspiring story of how these two souls found and saved each other.
HarperCollins, $22.99

If You Ask Me (And Of Course You Won't)
Betty White

Beloved actress Betty White tells stories and offers lessons from her career in Hollywood. White focuses on the last fifteen years of her life, ranging from her admitted crush on Robert Redford to her love of animals to her thoughts on friendship.
Penguin Group, $25.95

The Complete Illustrated Book of Herbs
Reader's Digest

Which herb is best for repelling insects? How about lowering cholesterol? This handy guide gives you all you need to know about planting, storing, and using herbs. Includes recipes, crafts, and medicinal information.
Penguin Group, $19.95

Lions of Kandahar
Rusty Bradley and Kevin Maurer

A first-hand account of one of the most critical battles of the Afghan War, 'Operation Medusa,' as told by one of the men who served: then-Captain (now Major) Rusty Bradley. Bradley gives readers an unparalleled look at the day-to-day life of a Special Forces team.
Available June 28.
Random House, $26.00

Two Kisses for Maddy
Matthew Logelin

Matthew Logelin's life turned upside down when, in a matter of twenty-seven hours, he found himself in two roles he never imagined: father of a premature baby girl and devastated widower. Rather than giving up or giving in, Logelin decided to focus all of his energy on what remained of his love: his daughter.
Hachette Book Group, $24.99

Summer Cooking

One Block Feast
Margo True and Sunset Magazine

The all-in-one guide to planning, growing, harvesting, and cooking your own food. Divided into seasons, each season gives gardening tips, recipes, and more. Summer dishes range from Deviled Cucumber Cups to Watermelon, Canteloupe, or Honeydew Sorbet and Whole-Wheat Pizza.
Ten Speed Press, $24.99

Dinner in a Dish
Southern Living

This handy cookbook features over 200 easy-to-make one-dish meals. Perfect for those summer nights when you don't want to cook and a great alternative to dining out.
Hachette Book Group, $21.95

Good Fish: Sustainable Seafood Recipes from the Pacific Coast
Becky Selengut

For the conscientious cook, this book has you covered with recipes for everything from Dungeness Crab Mac-and-Cheese to Quinoa Cakes with Smoked Trout and Chive Sour Cream. Wonderful recipes sectioned out by type of seafood including helpful hints.
Sasquatch Books, $29.95

Taste of Home: Potluck!
Taste of Home Magazine

Summer is the perfect time for family reunions, bake sales, picnics, and potlucks. This cookbook features hundreds of recipes all designed to serve ten people or more.
Penguin Group, $15.95

Fire It Up: 400 Recipes for Grilling Everything
Andrew Schloss and David Joachim

These guys teach you to buy, prepare, and grill everything from beef to seafood to fruits and veggies. Full of useful tips and tricks, and with 400 recipes, you're bound to find a few new favorites for your next barbecue.
Chronicle Books, $24.95

Out and About

WineTrails of Walla Walla
Steve Roberts

Roberts is back, this time with a guide to Walla Walla's winetrails. From where to stay to what to eat, Roberts gives you the scoop on Walla Walla and its five WineTrails. Read it and you'll see why Sunset Magazine named Walla Walla America's top wine destination of the year.
WineTrailsNW, $19.95

WineTrails of Washington
Steve Roberts

Steve Roberts explores 32 of Washington's "WineTrails," covering 228 wineries and describes wineries, winemaker philosophy, driving directions, tips, and more.
WineTrailsNW, $19.95

Backpacking Washington: Overnight and Multi-Day Routes
Craig Romano

A grew new guide to 70 of Washington's overnighta nd multi-day trips, including Hoh River Glacier Meadows, the Columbia Highlands, and more! Trips range from overnight to weeklong journeys.
Mountaineers Books, $18.95

52 Weekends in Seattle Card Deck
Westwinds Press

Tired of the same old Farmer's Market? Why not try something new? This card deck gives you all the essential destinations for Seattle. Great for visitors and residents alike, each card gives all the details on why to visit, how to get there, and how kid-friendly each destination is.
Westwinds Press, $12.95

Best Hikes with Dogs: Western Washington
Dan A. Nelson

K9 friendly hikes nearby. Explore western Washington with your favorite furry companion. 80 treks with something for hikers of all skills and featuring many off the beaten path. Visit our store for more regional recreation books.
Mountaineers Books, $18.95