Monday, July 16, 2012

Superman: The High-Flying History of America's Most Enduring Hero

Title: Superman: The High-Flying History of America's Most Enduring Hero
Author: Larry Tye
ISBN: 9781400068661
Price: $27.00

It's the Summer of the Superhero and what better way to celebrate than Larry Tye's new biography of America's favorite Superman? From his creation in 1933 by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel to the Christopher Reeve films of the 1980s, television shows, and a new movie due out next summer, Tye has all the inside info on the Man of Steel.
Beginning with Superman's creative birth and development in the 1930s, Larry Tye takes readers on a journey almost more incredible than Superman's journey to Earth. Through the advents of new technologies, wars, and even a battle against comic books themselves, Superman has proven to be a character worthy of reinvention. Superman, fans will recall, began in the comics. From there, his journey mirrored our own cultural development as he found his way into newspapers, radio shows, television shows, and finally the big screen. With each twist, the Man of Steel proved himself to be a necessary and celebrated figure of pop culture around the world.
What makes Tye's particular book so fascinating for readers is the depth of research and insight. Pulling on interviews, archival footage, books, and articles, Tye brings a well-rounded insight into the creation to fame of one of pop culture's most recognizable figures. Tye also gives great insight into the creators, artists, actors, writers, directors, and marketers who made Superman a household name. From the origins of Superman mythology to those little known Superman facts, Superman is a wonderful addition to pop culture literature and a fun, smart summer read.

--Kyla Paterno

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